Above all else, it is important that you feel comfortable in what you wear for your session. Think simple & natural. COORDINATE your family’s outfits USING COLOURS & TEXTURES THAT WORK WELL TOGETHER, WITHOUT BEING TOO “MATCHY, MATCHY”.

The goal is to try to avoid clothing that will be too distracting in a photograph. We want the focus to be on the love and connection between your family - not on what you are wearing. Keep scrolling for more tips on how to prepare and what to wear for your upcoming photo-shoot.

Colours that coordinate / compliment each other will stand the test of time. It is a good idea to lay out all of the clothing for each family member. Look at the clothing - do the colours work well together? Are there any items that are particularly distracting? Do the style of outfits work well together. Will the outfits suit the location and the 'vibe' that you would like your images to give. For example, dark colours on the beach can be perfectly 'moody' and lighter colours can be 'fresh and fun'. Simple, beautiful colours that work so well together and with the natural environment. Remember:

  • Dark colours can be slimming, but try to avoid too much plain black. 

  • Try to avoid stark white. If you like light / fresh colours - go for pastels (but not colours that are close to skin tones). 

  • Avoid bright colours like bright red, bright pink, bright green - these can be distracting and can also reflect colour and effect skin tones. 

  • Avoid large logos, patterned (e.g. checkered, chevron) or overly distracting clothing. 

  • Jeans are timeless and work especially well for relaxed, outdoor family sessions. 

  • Long flowing dresses / skirts can be very flattering for women as another alternative to jeans. 

  • For men, long pants are preferable to shorts.

  • Look closely at your clothing and ensure it is free of lint balls / pilling. (White lint shows up terribly on dark clothing in photos). 

  • Consider bringing a change of clothes or at least a spare shirt for each person. 

  • A quick look on Google or Pinterest can help you with more tips.

  • Please Note: Of course, we are trying to capture the 'essence' of your family as it is at this point of time... so if the above tips don't sit well with your family... we are more than happy for you to whatever you like. Perhaps you want your children wearing their favourite t-shirt, or that super-hero costume they never want to take off. If its fine with you... its fine with us.