A traditional family session will result in images that show you what your family ‘looks’ like, but a lifestyle family photoshoot shows you what your family ‘feels’ like…


Scroll to see more images from this stunning lifestyle session. In this gallery, you won’t see stiff, awkward poses. The family was given lots of support, encouragement and direction and these authentic moments unfolded because they felt relaxed and comfortable…

A Lifestyle Family Photoshoot aims to document the love, connection and relationships that make up the story of your family. Images from a lifestyle session feel more ‘candid’, more ‘authentic’, more ‘emotional’ and more ‘fun’ than traditional family portraits. But despite what you might have heard, a professional lifestyle photographer doesn’t just sit back like a ‘fly on the wall’ expecting you and your family to just naturally start frolicking in the fields… who does that anyway?

The truth is, a good lifestyle photographer will not leave you floundering awkwardly in front of the camera - they will be there with you 100% - actively guiding you and once you feel comfortable, the magic will naturally happen. The essence of your family will shine through, the love and laughter will begin and you will have images that are full of life and personality. Images that you will look back on and feel like you are reliving it.

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